Why Do Companies Choose to Partner with APRENDA for Influence Skills Training Delivery?


Proven Training  Program

APRENDA has been delivering The Positive Power & Influence Program since 2004. Our 14+ years of experience have taught us…

  • How to deliver the program to meet participant expectations
  • How and when to customize the program to achieve your specific objectives
  • How to help you best execute a successful roll-out of the program in your organization


Professional, Knowledgeable and Skilled Trainers

We know that the trainer can make or break an engagement. Our experienced trainers receive overwhelmingly positive participant and client feedback time and time again. In addition to being knowledgeable and experienced in influence and the delivery of The Positive Power & Influence Program,  APRENDA’s program facilitators are POSITIVE POWER AND INFLUENCE® Master Trainers skilled at:

  • Making participants feel comfortable yet challenged
  • Facilitating individual learning in a group atmosphere
  • Making training interactive
  • Keeping participants engaged
  • Managing large, diverse groups
  • Coaching individuals on how best to apply skills back on the job
  • Customizing the training from the platform for maximum impact and relevancy


Pleasurable Partnering Experience

At APRENDA we pride ourselves on providing clients with the highest quality partnering experience available. We listen, we respond with flexibility, we pay attention to details and we follow-up in a timely manner. You will be provided with one point of contact who will manage the details of each and every internally-delivered program (so you don’t have to!).


We Can Be Wherever You Need Us To Be (and We Speak Your Language!)

We service clients around the country (and the world), both in English, Spanish and several other languages.