Many well-known companies train their executives, managers, and other professionals on the skills they need to excel in today’s dynamic work environment with the Positive Power and Influence® Program. The following are some examples of how the program has been used strategically in client organizations. To read client feedback, participant impact, and testimonials click here.

Consumer Products

  • To train a national sales force of a Fortune 500 consumer products company to respond to price pressure from generic brands by negotiating higher volume, lower price agreements with key customers while protecting margins
  • As part of a core leadership program delivered worldwide for managers of a consumer products conglomerate
  • To help the advertising department of a major consumer products company secure better agreements with external advertising agencies and publishing companies
  • To teach team members in a high performing marketing organization to influence without authority

Consumer Products companies that have chosen the Positive Power and Influence® Program Include: Energizer, Edgewell, A & W Food Services of Canada, Anheuser-Busch Companies, Armstrong World, Chiquita Brands International, General Mills, Hasbro, M&M Mars, Philip Morris, Sara Lee,  S.C. Johnson, Sony Corporation, Stride Rite, The Procter & Gamble Company, Unilever Canada, Nestle Purina, Walgreens

Financial Institutions

  • To train the commercial banking relationship managers in one of North America’s largest financial institutions to develop the selling skills to grow new business opportunities while strengthening existing relationships
  • To train senior management in the retail banking division of a large eastern bank to develop the interpersonal skills needed to provide leadership and motivation in a competitive environment
  • To train the staff members in the audit division of a New York financial institution to develop the skills needed to resolve conflict and work collaboratively with their client organizations
  • To train management associates in one of the largest banking organizations in the U.S. in the influence skills needed for future career development and to enhance success in current rotational assignments

Companies in the financial sector that have used the Positive Power and Influence® Program Include: Bank of Montreal, The CIT Group, Fleet Bank, Fidelity, JPMorgan Chase, KeyCorp, Mellon Bank, Merrill Lynch, UBS PaineWebber, Royal Bank of Canada, Wells Fargo Bank


  • To train the information systems staff of a large Midwestern insurance company to reduce conflict and reach quality agreements with internal stakeholders
  • To train the entire field sales force selling managed healthcare services
  • As part of an ongoing leadership development curriculum of a major insurance firm whose managers come from property and casualty, healthcare, international, and staff divisions
  • To train legal auditing staff, comprised of auditors and attorneys to help them reduce legal expenses and obtain additional value from law firms with whom they work

Some Insurance Companies that have used the Positive Power and Influence® Program Include: Aetna U.S. Healthcare, CIGNA, CNA Insurance Companies, Prudential, Safeco, UNUM


  • Positive Power and Influence® has helped I.T. professionals in a major snack foods company implement a partnership approach with internal clients
  • A large mid-western insurance company uses the Positive Negotiation Program to teach its I.T. staff how to resolve conflict over resources and priorities and how to reach quality agreements with internal stakeholders
  • The Positive Power and Influence® Program is a core communications course for the I.T. professionals in one of North America’s largest banking organizations
  • A large I.T. consulting firm uses a customized version of Positive Power and Influence® to help its consultants build stronger client relationships

IT Companies that have used the Positive Power and Influence®: CSC Index, Dell Computer, Lotus Development Corporation, Qualcomm, Microsoft.

I.T. professionals from a wide range of organizations have also benefited from the  programs, including Anheuser-Busch, Bank of Montreal, CNA Insurance, GlaxoSmithKline, M&M Mars, The Procter & Gamble Company, Energizer, Edgewell


  • To train the professional staff of a manufacturer of transmission and networking systems in the influence skills needed to manage projects and build interdepartmental relationships
  • To develop the behavioral skills necessary to support large scale cultural change
  • To help employees be more effective with customers and co-workers while performing new tasks after a merger
  • To train a highly experienced sales force to reach more profitable agreements on its satellite tracking systems
  • To help one of the larger regional telephone companies develop the communication skills necessary to transition from a regulated to an entrepreneurial culture

Companies in the telecom industry that have chosen the Positive Power and Influence® Program Include: ADC Telecommunications, Ameritech, Ericsson Communications, MCI, Qualcomm, Qwest, TDS Telecom, Verizon


  • To train business managers and account management teams who handle national and managed care accounts to foster better customer agreements and direct internal resources to support those agreements
  • To train research professionals to enhance their influence effectiveness when dealing with home office personnel and with clinical field staff
  • To train product managers to help them develop and implement strategies to gain support for ideas for new products and services
  • To train Key Account Managers as part of sales strategy initiatives
  • To train market analytic groups and regulatory groups to develop and enhance influence and negotiation capabilities
  • To train R&D, Clinical Laboratories, and Consumer Products divisions to enhance quality and ensure a consistent approach while reducing expenses
  • To train professionals in influence skills to support their interactions with physicians, hospitals, and sales representatives

Companies in the pharmaceutical industry that have chosen the Positive Power and Influence® Program Include: Abbott Labs, Aventis, Baxter Pharmaceutical, Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson and Johnson, Merck and Co., Pfizer, Inc., Roche Laboratories, TAP Pharmaceuticals, Wyeth


  • To train professionals of all the subsidiaries of an electrical power holding company on how to build better business relationships
  • To train managers at two major utilities to adapt to industry changes and provide leadership for the upcoming challenges
  • To train managers of a large southwestern utility to negotiate better agreements with both internal and external constituents
  • To train the sales organization to think and act strategically when developing new and existing customers and markets

Utilities that have chosen the Positive Power and Influence® Program Include: KeySpan Energy Corp., Northeast Utilities, PECO Energy, Public Service Electric & Gas, Southern California Edison, Southern Company, Southern Union


The Positive Power and Influence Program® Program has been implemented in dozens of oil and gas companies to provide the skills that managers and other professionals need to excel, not just survive, in this difficult environment. Following are some of the groups that have benefited from the program, either as open-enrollment or in customized group sessions:

  • Intact Work Teams
  • Engineering Staff
  • HR Managers and Consultants
  • Procurement
  • Sales & Marketing Executives
  • Business Managers
  • Middle Management
  • Project Managers
  • IT Professionals

Oil and Gas companies that have chosen the Positive Power and Influence® Program Include: ExxonMobil, BP Amoco, Chevron Texaco, El Paso Natural Gas, Northwest Pipeline, Panhandle Energy, Shell Oil Company, Sonat, The Williams Companies, Unocal, Vastar Resources