The following competencies are developed in 15+ hour deliveries of The POSITIVE POWER AND INFLUENCE® Program:

Building Communications & Leading Oneself
• Influencing positively with or without authority
• Gaining cooperation from others to obtain information and accomplish goals
• Facilitating win-win situations
• Improving interpersonal skills
• Making clear and convincing oral presentations to individuals and groups
• Listening effectively and clarifying understanding
• Facilitating an open exchange of ideas
• Seeking feedback from others and opportunities to master new knowledge
• Pursuing self-development

Building Coalitions & Leading People
• Resolving conflicts in a positive and constructive manner
• Finding common ground
• Maintaining positive internal and external working relationships
• Motivating, energizing and guiding individuals and groups
• Fostering commitment, trust and group identity
• Taking steps to prevent situations that could result in unpleasant confrontations
• Partnering for performance improvement
• Fostering an environment in which people who are culturally diverse can work
together cooperatively and effectively
• Considering and responding appropriately to the needs, feelings, and capabilities
of different people in different situations
• Being tactful and treating others with respect
• Empowering people by sharing power and authority

Driving Results & Leading Change
• Pursuing accountability, decisiveness and problem solving
• Selecting from alternative courses of action
• Developing contingency plans
• Strategic thinking
• Fostering risk-taking to pursue a recognized benefit or advantage
• Tolerating ambiguity
• Being open to and adapting behavior in response to new information