The Positive Power and Influence® Program is recognized by many corporations, companies, and universities as the #1 Influence Skills Training program in the world. This customizable program has been delivered to over half a million participants and can be delivered by APRENDA globally in various languages. Through a fast-paced and highly experiential delivery format, the program teaches the use of a variety of influence skills as an effective way to balance “getting the job done” while building positive work relationships.

Why Influence Skills and Why Positive Power & Influence®?

To get things done in today’s organizations, we must positively influence others—direct reports, colleagues, managers, clients, and suppliers—both inside and outside the organization. Additionally, the factors influencing organizations are everchanging.  Flexibility in using different influence approaches is key to getting results.

Strong influencers fulfill their personal objectives while maintaining and nurturing important work relationships. While that sounds simple, in practice it can be extremely challenging. Many people achieve their influence objectives only at the expense of important relationships. Others habitually avoid challenging influence situations, at the expense of fulfilling their work goals.

The Positive Power and Influence® Program helps people build an influence tool kit, develop flexibility in using different influence styles, develop emotional intelligence to remain objective in challenging situations, and the skills needed to work with others to construct and achieve positive outcomes.

Influence skills matter when you need to…

  • Get buy-in for your ideas
  • Get others to participate/cooperate
  • Coordinate agendas
  • Sustain interest and/or action
  • Mobilize resources to get things done
  • Get results without the use of positional authority
  • Manage and motivate non-performing employees
  • Lead others through rapid change and uncertainty
  • Improve cross-functional, supplier and client relationships
  • Become more an effective team member/team leader/manager

Who will benefit from attending the POSITIVE POWER AND INFLUENCE® Program?

  • Individuals and team members who must exert influence cross-functionally to get others to agree to priorities and mobilize resources to get things done
  • Individuals whose positions place new demands on their abilities to influence events
  • Professionals who need to improve supplier or client relationships
  • Technical or professional personnel taking on supervisory or management responsibilities
  • Managers and supervisors who want to develop their influence skills to lead more effectively through rapid change and uncertainty
  • Professionals who need to work successfully with more senior managers and directors
  • Managers whose current style is considered to be either too ‘hard’ or too ‘soft’, too direct or too non-committal
  • Managers and supervisors who need to motivate non-performing employees
  • Potential fast-trackers/supervisors/managers
  • Project Managers
  • Individual Contributors (especially those whose responsibilities exceed his/her positional authority)
  • Anyone who struggles to be assertive (or whose tendency is to be too assertive)

Participants of the POSITIVE POWER AND INFLUENCE® Program will learn:

  • How to think strategically about influencing others
  • Which influence styles they currently use, overuse, misuse or avoid
  • To refine their use of current influence skills and develop alternatives
  • How to assert opinions and ideas without coming across as too direct or harsh
  • How to listen as a tool for gathering pertinent information and building trust and rapport
  • How to balance persuasion and fact giving with appropriate listening skills
  • Skills that allow them to motivate, persuade and build consensus without causing others to feel less powerful
  • Skills that will allow them to analyze a situation in advance, build a strategy and plan for influence opportunities
  • To apply an appropriate influence style for any given situation

Why Clients Choose The Positive Power & Influence Program®

While the standard influence program teaches participants how to maneuver through an organization to get things done, The POSITIVE POWER AND INFLUENCE® Program is a behavioral skills program that teaches participants the personal influence skills necessary to balance achieving business objectives with the behaviors necessary to build and maintain positive working relationships.

The core of the POSITIVE POWER AND INFLUENCE® Program is the renowned Situational Influence Model™, which consists of three key elements: Influence Energy, Influence Styles, and Influence Behaviors. The Model demonstrates that we need not rely on one predominant Influence Style. Rather, we can apply the Styles best suited to each influence situation we encounter. We define Energy as mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. When we feel strong in each of these areas, we convey that strength through being authentic, centered, and grounded. This type of energy immediately builds trust and is expressed through our words, tone of voice, and body language. It is further defined as being Push, Pull, or Moving Away Energy.

The course has a variety of distinctive elements that help make it the #1 Influence Program in the World:

  • 360-Degree Pre-Program assessment providing participant baseline data on their current influence style and behaviors
  • Challenging Program Design that maintains participant interest and engagement
  • Highly-Interactive Program Flow – low on lecture and high on participant involvement
  • Variety of Opportunities to Practice newly learned influence styles in a safe environment
  • Relevant business cases and exercises – chosen or designed for your group
  • Real-life application exercises to prepare participants to return to the workplace and immediately apply what they have learned
  • Video-taped exercises that allow participants to evaluate body language and the perceptions of others as they influence (face-to-face programs only)
  • Post-Program Support including Coaching Aids, Post-Program Review Website, Reader, On-Going Assessment and Job Aids
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