Why Learn Influence Skills?

People with responsibility in organizations spend most of their time trying to manage conflict and influence others – their staff, colleagues, managers, clients, suppliers – inside and outside the organization. Typical influence challenges include improving performance, resolving conflict and differences of opinion, motivating, giving direction, selling ideas, competing for resources, and negotiating. People with limited influence skills are restricted in their ability to deal with these issues effectively. It is common to hear past participants note that The POSITIVE POWER AND INFLUENCE® completely changed the way they worked with people. Read more about the importance of Influence Skills here.

What are the Options for Program Delivery?

The Positive Power & Influence® Program can be delivered as a 100% Virtual Training, Traditional Face-toFace Classroom Training, Blended Learning, or as a self-paced course.

Who Delivers the Training?

Training is delivered by APRENDA’s professional, certified trainers, all of whom have passed a rigorous training certification process and have 10+ years of experience training the Positive Power & Influence® Program. In addition to being knowledgeable and experienced in influence and the delivery of The Positive Power & Influence® Program,  APRENDA’s program facilitators are Master Trainers skilled at:

  • Making participants feel comfortable yet challenged
  • Facilitating individual learning in a group atmosphere
  • Making training interactive
  • Keeping participants engaged
  • Managing large, diverse groups
  • Coaching individuals on how best to apply skills back on the job
  • Customizing the training from the platform for maximum impact and relevancy

How much does the training cost?

Our programs are competitively priced. Pricing is determined by the length of the program (2-5 days), whether you prefer face-to-face or virtual training, the number of participants to be trained, and the total number of programs contracted.

What if I only have a couple of people that need the training right now?

APRENDA offers several options for individuals or small groups that need to be trained. Among these options are virtual, open-enrollment programs, small group on-site programs, and self-paced study with one-on-one coaching.

What is the program delivery time frame?

The POSITIVE POWER AND INFLUENCE® Program face-to-face program produces excellent behavioral results when conducted over two to five days with a structured assignment to be completed prior to the program. Our virtual offerings run over 5 days for a total of 15 hours of training. 1-Day executive overviews and customized versions of the program are also available. Your APRENDA account manager will work with you to design a delivery that best suits your needs.

Can The POSITIVE POWER AND INFLUENCE® Program be customized to meet our specific business needs?

Yes! The Program is easily tailored to meet your specific needs. Your account manager will work with you to design a delivery schedule, cases, and participant exercises that best suit your company’s needs.

What is the Recommended Class Size?

To ensure high-levels of personal feedback and coaching, the trainer to participant ratio is 1 facilitator to every 12-16 participants for face-to-face programs and 1 facilitator to every 4-6 participants for virtual training.  1-Day Executive overviews can accommodate larger groups.

Can you train our corporate trainers to deliver The Positive Power & Influence® Program?

Yes. The Positive Power & Influence® Program can be trained by your internal staff of trainers after certification requirements are met. Please inquire if your interest is to ultimately have internal trainers for the program.

Can I preview the program?

Yes! We welcome you to participate in one of our virtual open-enrollment programs. Check out our current schedule here.

Why should my company choose to partner with APRENDA?

Simply put, world-class trainers, program delivery, and client service. Please see our Working With APRENDA page for more details on the client experience.